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Everyone gets the impression that designing a room is full of fun and creativity but there’s more to it than that. Every room in a home needs to be functional, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other principles to achieve that.


Having you and your family's personality in your home to show off and setting a mood for each room is still just as important and can be done!


View these three as your key ingredients that you have to include in any decorating project in order to have a truly tasteful room. If you don't know where to start, here's a few tips:



1. Think about how you and your family use the space.


2. Look on Pinterest or in magazines to get ideas of things you like.


3. Go around your home and pick out items that you really enjoy and would like to incorporate.



Doing these small things will help you have a well-planned and well decorated space! Now let's break down each principle.


As much as none of us like to admit it sometimes, in order for a room to be truly beautiful, it needs to be functional! We need the space to really work for us otherwise it's not as good of a design as we hoped.


Let's start with furniture, easy right? Make sure your furniture actually suits the living area.



If a piece isn't working by being too big or too small then switch it out or accept that you need to get rid of it. Sometimes rooms are lucky enough to have a natural focal point such as a fireplace. If your room doesn't have a natural one then it's time to create one!




Grab an eye catching piece of art or a color popping area rug. Now when you go to arrange your furniture, you have a focal point to utilize and it's just a matter of measuring and working around things like outlets, vents or windows which you can graph out.


This is your chance to fill in pieces that you didn't have available till now or you can balance out the room again from high or heavy pieces to low and light ones. Something that also seems to slip one's mind is lighting!


The lighting in space is vital to it's function but even it's mood. It definitely needs to be visually appealing but fit the function of what the room is being used for. Any task that is done in the room will need direct or indirect lighting. So keep that in mind.




As stated before, each room needs a mood set. The feeling someone gets when they go into a room is definitely important in your home. This is created by choice of color, general style, and how much texture and pattern is used. Remember how we used a focal point in function and layout?


Well when creating a mood, we use an inspiration piece. This easily gives you a kickstart to accessorizing. Love that decorative throw pillow? Use it as your inspiration piece. You could even pick a photo out of a magazine if you want. 



Anything that inspires the design of the space will work. Some like to establish a theme to assist them in creating the mood. This can make it more fun and interesting but also keep you in a certain mindset which makes things easier.


One part of the theme that should stay fairly consistent is colors. Get one primary, dominant color to use with carpet, walls and main fabric, a secondary to be displayed throughout and then accent colors as we all know are used less for that pop of excitement in the space.



When you then add texture and pattern to the space it gives it depth and interest. By mixing the two and scaling the size of patterns it prevents the room from becoming 'too' of anything.  






Are we ready for the final stamp? Good! Because it will be your own personal stamp. It's time to throw in some much needed personality. Accessorizing may seem easy but we all need to be careful to not go overboard or too crazy. Any pillows, pictures or vases should be around some general theme.


This helps a lot whether it's a color theme or subject theme, such as nautical. Luckily though there's flexibility in this realm as there is a lot of times in design. This doesn't mean you can't paint your ceiling to be unexpected or add a playful quilt into a normally relaxed sitting room. You just need to make it flow.



For instance, a contemporary room could really benefit from an antique piece being added in but it just has to be the right thing. We wouldn't want some of the smallest things to become a room's biggest mistakes.





Although it may seem like three very detailed steps, using these three principles can really help you have some structure when doing a completely creative project. 


When you fully utilize each principle, you will come out of each project you do knowing you made the space great in more ways than one.




author: Mealey's Furniture

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