In music, segueing implies that you move from one song or melody to another without interruption. This is obviously important because the intent is that the melody flows and that the people listening can enjoy the sound, jumping abruptly from one note to the other would impede this from happening. This concept can also be applied in design.


If your child is the type that has a hard time letting go of things (like sleeping on your bed; we can’t help you with this, you’re on your own) this idea is perfect. Subtle changes to their room might be the best option for them and for your pocket.


When you first decorated your baby boy’s nursery you used a theme that you personally loved; animals, ocean, basket ball, etc. As your child grows and his personality develops you’re going to take that information to readjust the décor in the room.


Normally I would say “start fresh” but in this case it’s really not necessary. There are some things you can keep and others you should change. 




Wall color:  Most likely you chose blue or green. These colors can serve as a backdrop for many great changes and have probably become their favorite color.


Floors: Unless they’re in really bad condition, keeping your floors will save you much “dough”. Your little ones  feet are already accustomed to it,  so subconsciously it’ll be  giving him  a feeling of comfort.







Bed: This will be the roughest part of the transition, but the bed sets the mood for the entire space so keeping a crib in the room won’t help him move  on to the “big boy” stage of his life. You’d want something with lots of storage and possibly a trundle. Did you know that the rails of twin and full beds can be adjusted up and down to accommodate your child’s height? Comes in handy when you think about how fast they grow.


Bedding: It goes with out saying that now that you have updated your concept for the room you’re going to need new bedding. We suggest purchasing at least two sets in order to keep reinforcing that “change is good” and easy.


Area rug: Even if your boy’s room is covered in carpet, an area rug serves an anchor for the space and is a great place for him to play and let loose.


Helping your child transition smoothly from “baby” to “boy” goes beyond a room redo but it can sure help things along!



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