The golden rule “do to others as you wish be done to you” applies to literally everything in life, even design. So when you decide it’s time to redo your underutilized guest bed room the approach is exactly the same one  you would use to  redesign your own master bedroom or your child’s bedroom the only difference is that you’re not customizing it to you (although it should have some personal flair); you’re customizing it to your guests. There are 9 must haves to make your out- of- towners feel like they’re right at home:


1. Good Concept: Your guest room should appeal to all sorts of guest those who prefer to never leave the bedroom and those who wake up ready to go. This is a tall order so when deciding what colors to paint your walls you want to use neutral colors, such as topes, greys and sandy colors. If you are adamant about using primary colors they must be a pastel (tint) or dark (shade) version of the color. Bright, primary colors emit too much energy and might not be restful. Then use bright pops of color (this is when you get to “sprinkle some of you” in the room) on the bedspread, lamps and accessories to completely your look.


2. Fresh linen: Even if your linens were washed before you placed them on the mattress, after a while the beautiful sent of the softer you used disappeared and your sheets loose their smooth texture. Wash them again a day before or the same day your guest is due to arrive. Depending on how long their stay is, have a second set ready to switch out every 3 to 4 days. The smell of clean linen promotes long restful sleep and is important after all your guests are on vacation, the only set back might be that they won’t want to leave!


They should also be of good quality meaning that what it’s made of is important. Most people prefer cotton sheets because it’s a breathable material and its sustainable but other material such as microfiber and jersey are soft, affordable options as well. They should have a high “thread count”. This means that the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of a given fabric should be 300 or more.

3. Good mattress: This can mean a million different things but as a rule of thumb if you’re able to feel the springs of the mattress when you lay down it’s not good. If you wouldn’t buy it for yourself do not buy it for your guest. Again neutrality comes into play; don’t have the mattress be too hard or too soft but “just right”.  Super Pillow Top would categorize as “too soft” and Firm as “to hard”. A regular pillow top is your best bet.


4. Fresh Cut Flowers: Fresh flowers say “Welcome Home”. They are both pleasing to your eyes and nose and they’re relatively inexpensive. It’s like giving your guest a big huge hug every time they look at them. 


5. Storage: It would be a mistake for your guest to have to bend down to reach in their luggage every time they needed to get dressed. This wouldn’t make them feel cozy or comfortable.  Even if the room doesn’t have a closet or you’re using the closet as storage for you and your family, purchasing a small credenza or dresser is imperative. Have fun with it too, hanging a mirror over it and styling it as you would your own.


6. Window Treatment: Hopefully your guests will be doing a great deal of sleeping and relaxing so don’t forget good blinds or curtains for light control and privacy.


7. Temperature: Many host s overlook this thinking it’s not important, but comfort level has lost to do with one’s body temperature. Blasting the heat in your guest room just because you’re always cold or lowering it too much because you’re always hot would not show you care about how you’re guest might feel. Of course this also is subject to what time of the year it is and where you live.




8. Clean room: This is obviously a must have; clean and comfort go hand in hand. A thorough cleaning should be done before they arrive and then similarly to the linens, should be done periodically so that your guest feels good when they walk in the room.


9. Good attitude: Don’t host anyone in your house if you are unwilling to give thema great experience. Remember next time you’re someone’s guest you’ll want them to have considered all these things.

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