I'm sure you have read somewhere in a magazine or heard it from someone.... Color affects your mood, and so does the change in seasons. It is natural to get a little gloomy as Fall starts approaching. Lets face it, the long sunny days are gone and beach days are officially over; who wouldn't get a little blue?


This Fall give yourself the power to control the mood in your home! Let the beautiful colors of Fall inspire you and bring warmth to your living space.


If you have been contemplating replacing your sofa, I would say this is the time to do it! The holidays are not too far away. You can get a head start in getting your home ready for those lovely family gatherings. It will surprise you how just a few pieces can go a long way!


Stop by one of our showrooms and endulge into our Jonathan Louis frames and fabrics.

The picture above features a room with a beautiful balance of colors. You don't have to be an expert to achieve a look like this. Today, manufacturers are making it so easy to pull a look together that will have your home looking like a page out of a magazine. Fabrics for our special orders sofas come in a range of colors and prints that complement one another perfectly. For this room the sofa was kept in a neutral color , a print and a solid fabric were selected for the accent pillows . If you notice the solid is one of the solid colors found in the stripe print pillow. For the accent chair, a third print was selected, and this is where you may get a little scare, but the key is to maintain the same color tones and once all is done , it will all balance out. So remember , color was brought into the room through accent pillows, accent chair and just a couple of accents pieces; the main pieces (sofa and chair) were kept in a neutral to balance the room out.

If a big project isn't in your budget, spice up what you already have by simply adding an area rug, changing art work or coordinating lamps and a few accents. It will give your room an entire new look!
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