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Get back to school READY!


Parents around the world REJOICE school is back in session!!!


Although……… doesn’t this mean that your relaxing afternoon naps and weekday late-night movie watching are over? Well, in order to help you get through another year of bus stops, books, soccer practice and bake sales, we are going to give you a few ideas on how to get your child’s room ORGANIZED and READY.



BOOKS: Your kid needs to have these in an accessible place so that they are more likely to use them. Try storing them on a desk hutch. These pieces are similar to china hutch. They come separate from the bottom part; desk, and have one or various shelves for storage.

The cool thing about them is that they include a cork or bulletin board which is convenient for pinning assignments and pictures!! Your child will surely have what they need to be a fruitful pupil!!



CLOTHES/SHOES: If you’re the typical parent on every shopping trip you make your child gets a new article of clothing and this means that their closet is probably busting at the seams.

Instead of ripping down one of the walls in their bed room to make the closet larger or having the poor child rummage through piles  and piles of clothes each day to get dressed, invest in under bed storage.

These simple rectangular “trays” fit easily under any bed without protruding and offer lots of lateral storage for those extra outfits.



Have you ever thought of using bookcases to store shoes! If you buy two or three of the same put them side by side, it almost looks like you have custom built closet!!

Add basket to keep items he/she doesn’t want exposed. This will help you keep track the shoes and it will make for an easy “grab and go” for your little one.



BEDDING: Toy Chests are not only for storing toys. If your kid is growing up and he’s over Fir e trucks and Legos, fill his old toy chest with an extra set of bedding.

This will make it easier for them to switch out their sheets in case of an midnight accident and make their morning task of making the bed a breeze.

Remember an organized space in which everything has a place and where your child has access to each thing foments a clear mind and productivity.






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