When designing a home and/or space, there are two kinds of decorating: Those that design to reflect who they want to be and those that design to better reflect themselves.


Neither one is good nor bad - it is just a matter of preference. You either design for others and how they perceive you, or, you design for yourself regardless how others perceive you.


If this seems so philosophical to you it is because designing a space you live in and/or work in is an emotional endeavor. You are making a statement whether that was your intention or not.


A lot of time, energy and money, goes into interior decorating. And if you design like me, blood, sweat and tears.



That being said, people sometimes lose that sense of whimsy or child-like enthusiasm when creating their space.


When you were, say ten, how did you want your bedroom to look? You wanted it to reflect you and that included whatever favorite toy/special memorabilia to be front and center.


Fifteen? Whatever you were into, that is what surrounded you, whether it was band posters or a mother’s attempt to design the room for you in bright. cheerful. sunshine yellow. (I slept in the hallway for a week to rebel. And to this day, I refuse to have anything yellow in my house.)


Twenty? Whatever was free or bought for you! This was a time that personal taste took a back seat and you became aware of humility and appreciated the finer things like a chair that was not a milk crate or folded for easy storage.


Twenty-five? You got crafty! But everything was about how others would perceive you. It’s true. You designed with a false sense of what you thought others think you should have at that time; the latest electronics or everything Urban Outfitters.


Thirty? You have a better sense of who you are and can appreciate nostalgia without having your whole house looking like a memory box.

This is the time where you implement accessories that really don’t fit anything in your home style wise but something that holds a personal memory for you and/or the person you share your life with. Or, it just simply makes you smile every time you look at it.


Like the "11 Cubbies Cabinet" at Mealey's!


That quirky piece in your entry hall adds personality and color.




That picture or quote that you both see in the store and look at each other.




Remembering how your Mom looked when she wore her favorite red heels – a cute homage to that memory that is functional at the same time.




Showcasing you grandparent’s jewelry in a glass cloche on the mantle or open space that catches your eye from time to time making you think of them.



There are so many ways to incorporate a little small something that breaks away from the rest of your room. It doesn’t have to match - it doesn’t have to “go” with anything.



Treat it like a piece of artwork that adds life and color and meaning into your space. If anything, it is just that much more entertaining to see your guests raise their eyebrow when their eye catches it leaving you smile just a little bit for knowing what that piece means to you. 

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