Let’s face it, we all spend lots of time in the dreaded laundry room… so, why not make it a pleasant place to be?



Let’s begin…


A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference and bring new life to your laundry room.  For starters, you want a nice clean surface.  Wipe down the wall because lint and dust accumulate overtime.  


Next, pick your color palette.  Choose a fun, bright, vibrant color to cheer up your area and accentuate using crisp white cabinets. White will make the area appear larger.  Do you want to be daring and different and make a creative statement?



Start by painting your walls white and then BAM, switch it up and paint the cabinets with a bold, bright color instead. Either way, cabinets add lots of storage & and will help keep your items neat, organized and hidden. 



Add more drama & fun by painting the laundry room door a very dark bold color such as red, navy or black. 






Okay, now that your paint is done and you’ve installed cabinets or painted old ones, it’s time to start thinking about functionality.  Maybe you have room for a cupboard or a bookcase for additional storage?



Cupboards are great for hiding things, yet bring a nice finished look to the room. Often we need to store smaller items such as cleaning supplies and a cupboard will give you the opportunity to tuck these items away and possibly lock it for safety purposes.  Bookcases also add an element of design to the room. 


Stack decorative baskets or bins for a fun look & a convenient place to hide and save your mismatched socks!



A storage bench is another great investment.  It allows you to store shoes and hoodies as well as giving you a place to sit and fold clothes. 

Install counter tops wherever possible. They will help lessen the stress on your back when it comes time to fold as well as creating a spot to display fun accessories.  If you’re lucky enough to have a large laundry room, why not add an island in the center?  It makes for a great counter top and also gives you a space to sit and read or work as you wait for your cycles to finish.




Don’t forget to purchase a drying rack for your delicates.  Free floating floor racks are good as most of them fold and can be tucked away but if space is limited, a wall rack may be more practical. 



Ceiling racks create space and bring dimension to the room. A super cool idea is to paint and mount an old ladder horizontally to the ceiling, creating a funky fresh look.  



A basic adjustable shower rod will or thick rope with hooks will also do the trick, just buy some fancy hangers or colorful clothes pins to jazz it up!




Clothes on the floor can be a hazard as well as an eyesore. Purchase some accent pieces such as laundry baskets and decorative hampers to separate your darks and lights, and transform your messy floor.



Speaking of floors, turn your cold vinyl, ceramic or wood floor into warm vibrant walkway with the use of runners or a plush area rug. 


Add some art work, “laundry” signage and accessories.  Pick a theme or style.  Do you like vintage?  Look for metal signs or old fashioned storage bottles.  Maybe you’re looking for a retro look and want to add splashes of the past? 


Shabby Chic adds a crisp, cozy, French look.  Thinking Farmhouse?  Be sure to add some Amish looking baskets.  Hang curtains on your window to bring a cozy feel and a touch of privacy to the room.  Keep your room spotless, don’t forget to buy a bin or waste basket for lint and old dyer sheets. 



Brighten up your space, bring in light!  Install a funky chandelier or a big floor lamp.  Add decorative switch plates as well. 



Last but not least, bring in some greens.  Most laundry rooms are the perfect temperature and setting for hearty potted plants and succulents. 

The task of doing laundry will be so much nicer once you re-do the area and have a pretty and effective place to do it in. 

The right amount of color, light and décor will quickly turn a drab area into a fabulous laundry room.  Focus on comfort, safety, organization and functionality and don’t forget …


“A Load a Day Keeps the Chaos at Bay”!!!


author: Mealey's Furniture

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