This eclectic style is becoming more and more popular over the past couple years. You only saw this look in high end design magazines and designer showrooms. Now, the look is everywhere – Pinterest, design blogs, retail furniture stores, and every design show on television - showing you just how beautiful and interesting your dining room would be if you had this look.


We’re not against matchy-matchy furniture collections; however, eclectic pieces offer a room personality.  As easy as it sounds to use eclectic pieces in your space, there are some basic guidelines to follow to avoid going for deliberate and harmonious to ending up with accidental and confusing.


Rule No. 1:

There has to be something that unifies the look. The key to a unified mix is finding styles that have some common element – be it color, pattern, fabric, finish or genre.


Rule No. 2:

Keep all of the seat heights the same and when combining more than two styles; and, make sure the chair height doesn’t vary more than 2 inches.



Vicinity Dining Room

Vicinity Dining Room

Above shows Mealey’s Vicinity Dining Room flanked with two upholstered arm chairs in an off-white cotton fabric. The three side chairs have the same off-white cotton fabric and are the same finish as the table. Add on the other side of the table this bench (pictured right top), same off-white cotton fabric, same spindle details in the leg. Three different looks but what ties it together is that the color, the fabric and the finish are harmonious with each other.


Want to really spice it up? Take out the bench and the middle side chair. Add two more existing side chairs that match the other side and in the middle on each side add a rattan chair (pictured right bottom). This is still keeping the same finish color found in the wood, different enough to add more interest but not jarring to the eye.


While most of us tend to play it safe and use dining sets complete with four-plus chairs and matching buffet or china, our hope is that you can see how easy it is to pull this look together!


We couldn’t agree with interior designer Mats Nilsson more when he says, “You should make your environment exactly what you want to live in today. When you change your mind…and you will…. then you change the rooms.”



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