Spring is all about freshening up an old look and that doesn’t just include your wardrobe but your home décor as well. In the beginning of each year magazines and professional bloggers worldwide attempt to predict what the latest decorating trends and colors are going to be for the upcoming year (whether we agree with them or not). I am going to mention the top nine design trends according to Better Home and Gardens that you can find right here at Mealey’s Furniture. Last, but certainly not least, I will include what is going to be the new 'It' color to have for spring and summer 2014.

Wood & Metal Together

BHG writes: "Why have one great material when you can have two? We are seeing wood and metal paired together on a variety of items and are loving it. Wood, especially warmly stained and heavily grained pieces, plays up the natural look, while bold metals speak to the industrial chic trend.” (The full article can be found here: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/lessons/expert-advice/decorating-trends/)

This industrial look can fit into any style of décor you already have in your home. Whether in accents such as barstools or end tables, or, go big and create a statement like our Green Screen Entertainment unit (shown at left).

Statement Light Fixtures

BHG writes: "Good lighting is essential to any room, but now it can be more stylish, thanks to gorgeously executed fixtures available at" ...um, Mealey's! HELLO!

Light fixtures have manifested into the “handbag” of home accessories where one size does not fit all. Today, you have a trove of options to choose from, from base look/finish to lampshade shape/color down to what kind of finial holds your lampshade on the harp. That is just table lighting! When you get into the sea of options that have become available to the consumer for ceiling lighting; it is mind boggling. But don’t fret! A sales associate at Mealey’s Furniture will solve any worries and steer you in the right direction for what works for you and your lifestyle.

Statement lighting (and we’re not talking about the crystal chandelier above your dining room table) can be really fun and can set a tone to a room. Like this light fixture hanging above our Retreat Dining Room table. Here the dark metal picks up the metal knobs and handles found on Retreat (pictured at right).

Mixing Dining Room Chairs

BHG writes: "Nix the matched set in favor of a mix in your dining room for a unique look. If you can't bear to part with a matched set, use the chairs you trade out elsewhere in your house, such as an entryway or a bedroom."

This is such an easy and fun trend which requires little to no effort at all. Shown here we have our Baxter Dining Room set with matching arm chair and side chairs along with our Rattan chairs and our khaki-gray Bp chair as a host/ess chair to add personality and a unique flair to the overall setting. Upholstered chairs are the number one chair to mix with your current dining table because they are covered, you don’t have to worry about matching the wood of your table to the wood of the chair legs/base.

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