Welcome back to our third edition of Nine Design Trends of 2014! Last time we took a look at block prints, tribal prints and painted furniture. This time we are going to take a look at some color schemes and tones that have been transitioning from last season into this one. The first topic we are going to discuss is:

Block Prints

BHG writes: "Put away the notion that all grays are cold and give off a chill. Warm grays – those with yellow or reddish undertones – are the neutral of the moment and are as versatile as they are trendy."

This trend isn’t just for the color on your walls but for your upholstered furniture pieces as well. People are very hesitant to take on this color and for good reason. A lot of times it comes out colder than expected. The lighting in a showroom differing from the lighting in your home can be a big problem. Luckily, we have sales associates here at Mealey’s Furniture that conquer that problem by taking a cushion or the piece over to the window in natural light to best showcase the tones found in the fabric. We even rent out fabric swatches for our guests to take home and live with the fabric in the space it will be in. Let’s take a look at our Retreat bedroom set; (shown at left) Retreat is definitely gray in color but warmed with a yellow hue mixed in with it. It is anything but cold and to bring out that yellow add some yellow accessories in the room to really soften the look.

Image of Mealey's Vintage Fan Set.

Mealey's Vintage Fan Set

Gold & Brass

BHG writes: "For so long, silver and its cohorts have been the first-place metal in home decor. But more recently, yellow metals are inching back into the spotlight. Embrace the trend with gold accents that have a softer finish, rather than metals with a full-on shine. And for a less glitzy take, try antique brass finishes, which tend to be more matte."

I personally love antique bronze which has a rustic gold undertone underneath a brown- rusty, sometimes black, finish. A good way to introduce the gold and brass trend into your living space is keep it all in the accents. Whether it be a small furniture piece like our Silver and Gold accent chest (shown at top-right) or wall art like our collection of fans called Vintage Fan (shown at bottom-right).


BHG writes: "Think bright, not Easter egg-esque when it comes to pastels. Or pair them with traditional furniture and styling to recall a romantic look."

I am not a pastel person, never have been, never will be, BUT! I was sold from a designer’s perspective when I saw our Shangrila set (shown at top-left). This look is for the bold at heart, and not necessarily feminine as Shangrila gives off. When we say bright pastels, think energetic but not pop colors like your primary red, blue and yellow. In fact, let’s take a pastel yellow (do not think Easter peeps) and modernize it like we did here in our set called Condo Connection (shown at bottom-left). Cool isn't it? What makes this palette work are the neutral tones surrounding this energetic color. In Shangrila, we have beige and cream to soften the vibrancy of that lilac color. Here in Condo Connection we put it with a light gray, white and blue-gray to ground the collection. Lighter colors will heighten the vibrancy of a bright color while dark colors tend to tone them down without losing that pop of color.

That ends part three of our four part edition of Nine Design Trends of 2014. Stay tuned for next time where we will reveal the ‘It’ color of the year. Until next time!

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