One of the most needed things in any living space, home, or apartment is various places to, of course, sit.  Fitting in more seating in a small space such as a studio apartment, small one-bedroom, or even a tiny house can sometimes be a challenge. 




But using various ideas and particular types of instruments used to park a posterior can not only help with the challenge, but also add certain kinds of eclectic or clever looks to your home!





Two really smart items for this are stools and folding chairs.  Don't fret, folding chairs don't have to look like drab metal ones used in a warehouse or auditorium...many can come upholstered in fun fabrics and padded for comfort. 


When not in use they can easily be folded way and put in storage, be it a hidden closet or hooks on a wall, to create more space when you're done using them.  



This is a smart choice for a small kitchen.  Various stools, ones that are stackable for instance, can be put away neatly as well when not in use to make more room, or stored away under a table or bar. 







Another well worn idea are coffee tables that come with nested stools.  Many living room coffee tables are designed to have small nested stools under them, made to easily be pulled out when you need an extra seat or two for someone, and pushed back in to be hidden when not in use. 




There are also, of course, dining and pub tables that are designed with nested stools to be pushed underneath them as well.






Benches are another great resource that can be used in various ways....they are, depending on length, able to seat 3 or 4 people at a time and can be pushed up against a wall or fixture to save space. 


Bench booths can be used around a square or rectangular dining table to seat more people than standard chairs would. 






Nooks can be created with upholstered benches built into the walls in a space for this idea also.  And a popular, stylish idea that saves space is outfitting a wide window sill or custom made one in front of a large loft window with seat cushions and pillows. 


This is a fun idea as you can sit on the window sill up close to the window comfortably on a sunny or even rainy day, depending on your mood or preference!





Multi-functional items and ideas, like a rolling cart that can double as a counter bar, can be used with stools that can also hide underneath it when not in use. 


Also create a small nook by installing a shelf on a wall or in front of a window with a a bench or stools underneath it for another seating area.






Also, take advantage of using chairs in unconventional or creative spots.  

Using a bench in front of the footboard of a bed is a common idea, but a quickly growing one is actually doing a seating area with two matching chairs and a small table in between them, right at the the foot of the bed.  

This creates more seating in your bedroom. 







Add a corner desk that can fit tightly in a corner with your desk chair, a cornered chair itself, or a hanging chair that can be off the floor and fit well into tight spaces, and you've used a minimal amount of room while adding more seating.



There are so many ideas to create more seating in your small home that they cant all be listed here, but with some creativity and ingenuity, or a really clever decorator, its more than possible!



Check out more ideas with Mealey's Small Space Solutions Pinterest Board!



author: Mealey's Furniture

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