Are you stuck in a home where you are not allowed to paint but LOVE color; or, you have the option to paint but are too afraid to commit to any one bold color? Have no fear - Mealey’s has you covered with the help of picking up any room with bright accessories.


“Accessories are like the jewelry that pulls the whole look together.” (-Joe Pietrowski, Vice President of Mealey’s Furniture) The above quote is a driving force to anyone with a passion for home design.


Treating your home accessories in the very same way you treat your fashion accessories – any look, any statement you want to make can be achieved with the switch of a necklace (read: artwork); pair of earrings (read: lamps); rings and bracelets (read: knickknacks); shoes (read: rug/drapes).


Let’s attack this boring beige wall (read: little beige dress)! The darker you go, the more dramatic the statement will look; the lighter you go, the softer it will look. When thinking color, keep the same rule in mind: The brighter you go, the more dramatic; the duller you go, the softer it will look. The easiest way to go about this is to pick one color and do what we call a “color pod”


Where your accessories are all of the same color. This one color can be the same value (=when it is all the same exact color), or, it can be a variation of the same color, like mixing the color green with the color tundra or turquoise. [Do yourself a huge favor - pick up a color wheel at your local arts and crafts store. It will be your very own pocket guide to color and color theory.]


author: Mealey's Furniture

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