We know, we know, we know...most American men, the ones who live for watching sunday night football at their favorite bar with a bowl of wings and mugs of beer...aren't turned on by the idea of decorating their home. 


It's usually something left to the wife or the girlfriend.  But don't let fancy words like "sconce, "decor", and "drape" fool you! Sprucing up your home can be just as manly as ESPN highlights or dark beer.  After all, certain styles of furniture, colors, and decor definitely tend to go moreso towards a masculine feel than others...and one can find a style that speaks to the type of man they are.  Added bonus: Just think of how impressed your girlfriend will be!


Lets start with woods...Occasional and dining table sets that come in heavy oaks, from a darker brown to black that are not fussy at all but shaped boxy, with straight lines, minimalist handles, and distressed finishes, are usually the best to go for to maintain a "guy" feel with a touch of sophistication.  Examples of occasional table sets that fit this bill would be anything from our "Smokehouse", "Nottingham", "Urban Lodge"  or "Twisted" tables to even our new "Magnum" occasional set.  Wow.  Even the names of these sets sounds like something a guy would be into!


  For Dining rooms, our "Wesley" set, with its heavy, darker woods and distressed looking finish, would be a conversation piece that would also serve as a useful addition to one's home that can fit in with a simple dinner or a card game with the guys.  Add in decorative accessories in earthy colors like burgundy or dark green (and maybe a few heavy coffee table books) and you've created a sophisticated setting that you dont have to feel like the guys would give you a hard time about.


"Industrial" is a term in the interior design world that is usually used to describe decor and furniture pieces and settings that are heavily influenced by darker, distressed metals and woods.  Think the looks of a factory or warehouse but place the idea of it into your home space, furniture, and accessories and youve got the right idea. Dark metal and vintage looking sconces and chandeliers, rusted metal mirror frames, and heavy, unfinished dark wood tables with metal accents all definitely have a more manly feel about them that can also be implemented to one's own individual "guyhood."


There's no reason at all for your manhood to feel threatened by picking and using decor to add to the ambiance of your home when you have choices and masculine pieces like the above to choose from!

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