Tween Dream

Parents, do you remember when you got hit with the pink train? Yes, when every single article of clothing, candy, toy and water (insert laughter) you bought your little girl HAD to be pink. Many of you are seeking psychological help and rightfully so and thanks to this as the years go by, some of you have grown used to it or even embraced it. The truth is that even though this color has gotten a bad “rep” for its excessive use, centuries ago in Japan pink was associated with the cherry blossom tree that alluded to Samurai warriors that had fallen in battle before their time.


So in addition to being a masculine color it was also a very revered color.


Today pink is connected to positivity, lightheartedness and compassion. The blending of passion packed red with the “purity” and “completeness” of white provides the right balance of energy to the human psyche, so it’s not a surprise young girls are subconsciously attracted to this color.


Now that your toddler is a pre-teen she is surely still in love with pink, but you need to change your bag of tricks when it comes to decorating her room if you  wish to help her transition smoothly from her little girl years to her teen years. Certainly an update to her bedroom is due and we want to point out a couple of things that can help you achieve this.


  • Use more intense shades of pink:

The more intense the pink the more energy it transmits making it suitable for a vivacious young lady. A soft pink wall will serve as a perfect back-drop for fuchsia bedding. And giving the existing furniture (which is most likely white) a   fresh coat of hot pink paint makes a dramatic statement against a rosy wall.


  • Incorporate other colors:

Adding colors like navy blue, black or grey add sophistication and strength to pink and this is important if you want the décor of the room to grow with her. Think ahead; observe her carefully there are signs she is open to other colors and is slowly growing out of the phase.


  • Choose transitional furniture:

Decorating a child’s room is expensive, so you want to use perspicacity when choosing every element especially the large items like the bed, dresser etc. Upgrading her bed from a twin to a full or queen is an option, can be costly though and you might have to replace it AGAIN later on.  Purchasing a headboard instead of an entire bed is more practical.  The Ava upholstered headboard for instance, is great because it appeals to young girls and women alike. It’s elegant and adaptable making it perfect for many years to come.


Don’t shy away from experimenting with pink; if you know your little girl (who’s not so little anymore) you can’t possibly get it wrong.

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