Can somebody say BBBRRRRRRRR!!?? My goodness it is cold out there! Fortunately there’s a solution to warm up those frozen fingers and toes inside, that’s both practical and beautiful. THE FIREPLACE! Now, I know what you are thinking “fireplaces are expensive, permanent, and old fashioned features in a home”. Although this was true many years ago, over the last 2 decades fireplaces have evolved immensely. We’re talking electric, natural gas, portable, outdoor, indoor and even wall mounted options. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Console Fireplace: This type of fireplace has become incredibly popular for various reasons. First, there is no maintenance. They’re electric, meaning it’s as simple as plugging it into your outlet and not having any of the maintenance that comes with a built-in fireplace. Second, they are practical. A console fireplace is designed to hold all your TV components, with convenient factory cutouts in the back to neatly organize the wiring! Third, if you’re looking for a “built-in” look you can easily achieve it with the purchase of piers and a bridge. Take a look at our Triumph 4 Piece Fireplace Media Center shown to the left; it is a perfect example of how to warm up your house without breaking it down!

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