The human eye is the most magnificent camera ever created! It can distinguish between thousands of different colors, shapes and sizes; instruct pupils to adjust how much light its lens needs and calculate long and short distances, all in a matter of seconds! But even more extraordinarily, it PERCEIVES when things are off balance, distorted or simply “not right”. This is why basic principles have been established in an effort to create balance and harmony in the design and art world.


Particularly in interior spaces, the absence of these elements really alters how you function, even make you uneasy. At first you might not notice (or worse you might have become blind to this) but a quick look around your home might reveal why something “just doesn’t feel right”. So the question is: How does one create harmony in a home?


If you’re used to reading Mealeys blog you already know some key things, like, buying furniture that is the right scale for your room, using area rugs to delineate sitting areas and repeating a color, object or any element 3 times in the space, but there’s something else: OVERSIZED ART. Here are three main reasons you need oversized art.


1. To complete the look of your space

Big wall hangings are the “area rugs” of your walls!  Imagine you walk in to your friend’s living room and all you see is a sofa against a big blank wall. Before you even notice your eyes quickly start moving from side to side, up and down. At first you conclude “ohhh they just moved in” but then you quickly remember “wait, they’ve lived here for 12 years now, duuhh”.  Yet something is missing and your eyes seem to be looking for it. Little does it matter that there are chairs adjacent from the couch or a set of occasional tables along with it, or even that the wall is painted a gorgeous color.  What exactly are you looking for? BIG, BOLD, ARTWORK, to bring everything together!!!


2. To anchor your room:

What are anchors used for out at sea? Well, to prevent or restrict motion of a vessel or floating object.  In the same way oversized art provide visual stability (balance) to your room. It says to the eyes “this is the focal point of this space, no need to look elsewhere; walk towards it, sit down and get comfortable”.


3. To show your personality

Someone once told me “your home is you”. If this weren’t true, all the time we spend looking for “just the right piece” would be pointless.  So purchase art that speaks to who you are. Are you eccentric, romantic, playful? Do you like nature? Also, it doesn’t always have to be a canvas. Sometimes a large decal, stencil or simply a series of several small frames that create one overall or image or feel, will do.


 So you’re probably asking, why oversized? One big image speaks louder than a hodge podge of small random ones. Also, even if your ceiling is a regular 7’6”, your couch, at most, is 1/3 the height of that, so use the rest of that real estate. Obtaining tranquility in your space might be as easy hanging up something great to look at!

author: Mealey's Furniture

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